Renewable Technologies

From relatively modest beginnings West Beacon Farm has now become an excellent example of renewable energy in practice. West Beacon Farm demonstrates how integrated renewable energy systems combined with other sustainable practices can form an effective and reliable independent network.

As of 2015, Solar (PV and Thermal), Wind Turbines and Hydro generation combine to power a site, which can survive off grid for days at a time. The site has no mains water supply and utilises rainwater and a natural spring (50m below ground) accordingly.

Further details for each technology can be found below, but don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like more information.


Battery Room West Beacon Farm

Further Details

West Beacon Farm – Interesting Facts

01. Power

West Beacon Farm’s renewable technologies have generated well in excess of 1 gigawatt of power over the past 25 years. This is equivalent to the average consumption of a 15 house street for the same period.

02. Water

West Beacon Farm is not connected to the mains water network. The water comes instead from a natural spring 50 metres below ground and from rainwater.

03. Hydrogen

Until recently, hydrogen cylinders were utilised on site to store power, Surplus electricity was used to power a process called electrolysis dividing water into hydrogen and oxygen, the gasses are then stored in pressurized tanks. To convert Hydrogen back into electricity it is fed into a fuel cell where it is recombined with oxygen and as a result generates electricity and hot water.

04. Transport

The site is geared around reducing fossil fuel usage where possible, as such WBF is home to both hybrid and fully electric cars. The first fully electric car was purchased in 1997, and each subsequent generation has shown vast improvements in performance/reliability and range.

05. Lighting

Daylight is brought into many areas of the house using monodraught lightpipes. These fully sealed and highly reflective ducts transfer daylight from a clear dome on the roof to enclosed areas such as the cloakrooms and hallways. Low energy compact fluorescent and LED lights are used elsewhere in the house.

06.  Fuels from the air!

WBF acts as the Headquarters for Fuels From Air Ltd, a company that is developing pioneering technology allowing the creation of usable petrol/methanol from just Carbon Dioxide and Water. Read more here: